Edding Acrylic Markers 

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We realise you may have never seen or used products like this before so we have put together a few hints, tips and techniques to test out and get the best from these supplies.

These Edding acrylic markers are a medium size in their range and come with a semi-opaque, quick drying, water based ink. They are light fast, weather-resistant, wear resistant and heat resistant with low odour and have the ability to draw on a variety of surfaces including the usual suspects; canvas, wood and carton paper! Because they have water based ink you can mix the colours and also easily blend. The robust medium round nib provides a stroke width of 2-3mm which still allows for precise strokes and is big enough to colour in larger areas. Easy to activate and use, the pens feature a valve-system allows even inkflow for great coverage- these pens will allow for uncomplicated, spontaneous creativity! Best stored horizontally. 

Things To Try...

Activate. To get things started you need to activate your markers. With the lid on, shake the markers a few times, then remove the cap and pump the nib down and wait a couple of seconds. Pump the pen 4-5 times, the paint will start to flow through. 

Create a wash. Great for backgrounds, filling in larger areas of colour or create a softer colour. While the paint is still wait, grab a wet brush or cloth, and blend out the paint. The more water you add, the lighter the wash.This will also wit the permanent marker, you just need to work extra fast! Or use a palette and scribble the pen on first and add a little water.

Layer up! Once the paint dries it becomes permanent so you can go back in with another layer, either to a wash to create a tonal contrast, a block colour or over with the marker for adding details and outlines.

Blending. There are a number of ways to blend out these pens, its always easiest to use the lightest colour first. Using just the pens - Lay down your first colour, and while its still wet go back in with your other colour using small, circular motions to blend the paint into each other. Using a wet brush- for a softer blend, add a little water and use a paint brush in the same way to blend your colours.Using a dry brush- Using a dry brush in the same way above will give you a more textures effect once dry. 

Mix new colours. Scribble the colours you wish to mix on a palette and mix with a wet brush. Adding in the black marker will give you some interesting grey tones to work with.

Create some texture. Experiment with different household items, or other supplies in the box, to create some visual interest to your work.Tissue: the tissue supplied inside your ScrawlrBox wrks well for this! Scrunch up the tissue and dab into the paint while its still wet.ScrawlrBox: rip off a piece of your box and use it a sweeping tool to spread about your paint while still wet.A sponge: lightly dampen a sponge and dab into the wet paint, this will create a softer texture compared to using tissue paper.An old toothbrush: you can dab into the paint, sweep the paint about, or for more fun (plus mess) use the toothbrush to spray your paint onto your work.

On your marks! Mark making is so much fun and there are endless ways to do it! Switch up the angle you hold your pen for varying line widths. Use dots for shading, making hem bigger and smaller. Try hatching and cross hatching. Fill in areas with circles, then try layering over another colour with scribbles… You just the jist! Have some fun and see what marks you can create.

Artist Advice 

Mister Phil

Store the pens horizontal

Remember to shake and pump the pens to ensure a smooth and solid flow of paint.

Some colours will require more than one coat to achieve a flat finish so don’t be put off that the initial layer doesn’t cover completely.

Make sure the paint is dry before applying another layer or before adding the final black line work on top

Watch the Unboxing here:

088 .jpg__PID:49ef010d-8525-4930-8b4c-af8a129de229
ScrawlrBox #088
ScrawlrBox #088
ScrawlrBox #088
ScrawlrBox #088
ScrawlrBox #088
ScrawlrBox #088
ScrawlrBox #088
ScrawlrBox #088
ScrawlrBox #088
ScrawlrBox #088

ScrawlrBox #088


With this December box, we're sure you'll have a blast. This crazy, fun box comes with an extra thick card, ready for all your doodles. Let the chaos reign as your creativity flows with our featured artist MisterPhil!

This box contains: Edding Acrylic Markers 5100, UNI PIN Chisel 2 Fineliner, custom A5 Pad West Design 250gsm White Card and a Staedtler Noris HB Pencil.

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