Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen Dual Marker

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We realise you may have never seen or used products like this before so we have put together a few hints, tips and techniques to test out and get the best from these supplies.

These high quality Pitt Artist Dual Markers come with a versatile broadbrush nib to cover larger areas and a 0.8 metal encased fineliner nibfor more detailed drawings and outlines, making these ideal forvast coverage and detailed illustration. They feature pigmentedwaster based india ink that is acid-free and pH Neutral which becomepermanent once dry. They have a transparent finish making them perfectfor building and layering for more intensity. Pitt Artist pens have unsurpassed light- fastness and the individual colours are marked with an asterisk-based code.

Things To Try...

~ Faber-Castell PITT Pens feature a water based India ink which is slightly transparent, much like watercolours. 

~ Compressing. Experiment with building up layers of ink for intensity, shading and tone variation created by repeated laydowns of the same colour.

~ Avoid ink pooling by waiting for each layer to dry before going back over it. 

~ Mixing. You can mix the ink on a palette to create some brilliant colour mixtures and bright colour shades. Grab a palette to scribble on and wet paint brush to mix your colours together. 

Washes. While you’ve got your paint brush handy, you can add a little water to blend the ink out for some delicate washes- either on the page or on a palette. Just make sure you work quickly! Once these inks dry they’re permanent. 

~ Because these inks are permanent once fully dry, you can draw or paint over them with other wet mediums for mixed media work without interfering with the layer underneath. 

~ The ink can be smeared and smudged while wet to create textures to your drawings. Use your fingers tips, a sponge or even a paint brush. 

~ Make some marks! Play around with line weight, the angle you hold the pen and the pressure to create some visual interest. Using a combination of smaller and larger line strokes adds a nice detail when outlining your work. 

~ The Dark Sepia marker makes a lovely, muted alternative to black for outlining your work. It’s dark enough to emphasise features and layers over the lighter colours with ease.

~ PITT pens are best stored horizontally as this keeps the pigments in the ink evenly distributed. Storing your pens vertically will cause the pigments to pool in the end of the pen that is facing down. This can cause problems with ink flow, and can disrupt usage. 

Artist Advice 

Tea Jurisic

I always loved to use almost any supplies from Faber Castell, it is a good quality brand with various pens I can choose. You will love the Dual marker if you are into the watercolour painting as me, because you can successfully imitate it. The limit of watercolour is that you need a place and a space to make it, but with Dual Marker you can do it literally everywhere. That is very important if you like to make a quick drawing no matter where you are.

I love to use Faber Castell Pitt markers because of the possibility to create large colour fields with thick part of the pen, and make the outlines and strokes later very easy and clean. It dries very fast so you don’t have to worry about the potential mess or the stains. Perfect for any sketchbook, but also for serious works on the large-scale papers. I love to combine it with other techniques too, as ink on the paper or pencil drawing.

If you are into the lettering you will love the Pitt markers!They are perfect for relaxed brush strokes, but also for the very small, precise details you want to add. It is easy to experiment with them, I tried to add a water and it works perfectly fine, and also they go pretty well with mixed media. I love to use them on a thick, watercolour paper, they are soaked inside the paper too, but not going completely trough it, so I have clean, white other side of it.

I made myself a paper sheet with all shades and colour, together with number, so I can just check it before I start to work, and choose which colours and shades would fit great together. It allows me to work fast, and to be sure colours will go great with each other.


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