For The Love Of Landscapes

Watercolour is a tradition that stems as far back as the original cave paintings, in which natural pigments were mixed with water and applied to the walls with fingers, sticks and bones.

Watercolours have also been found to be used in Egyptian art forms and in Asia with traditional Chinese paintings developed around 4,000 B.C.

Watercolour really gained footing as a medium in Western art during the 18th Century, particularly in England with Paul Sandby (1730-1809) making the medium popular in his map creations and landscape paintings.

This medium has a certain uncontrollable and unpredictable quality which makes it challenging and never seems to have the same outcome twice but its irregularity is almost what makes it so fascinating.

Watercolour has fast become the root of some of the most beautiful landscape creations with its versatility enabling a wide range of effects and simulated textures that bring artistic scenery to life.

As featured in the November 2020 ScrawlrBox 

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