Frisk Paint Pens

Featured In  #097 ScrawlrBox

We realise you may have never seen or used products like this before so we have put together a few hints, tips and techniques to test out and get the best from these supplies.

This delicious set of 12 Frisk paint pens are a launch exclusive to ScrawlrBox!

 With all the colours of the rainbow plus a couple of metallics to play with. Activate by giving them a shake and then pumping the nib down gently a few times until the nib is fully saturated. Featuring a vibrant, highly pigmented water based acrylic paint that dries quickly and layers wonderfully.

 Featuring a 1mm bullet nib, small enough for details and large enough to fill in bigger spaces.

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Things To Try...

Activate. Like with most paint pens, you will need to activate these markers to get them started. Shake the markers to mix up the paint, then take the lid off and pump the nib down a few times and wait a couple of seconds for the paint to saturate the nib.

A light hand and a wet nib is always key with paint pens on paper. Keep your maker nib saturated by giving it a good shake regularly. Give it a couple of pumps to keep the nib wet.

Filling large areas. It’s best to work in small sections, making sure the paint is fully covering the surface as you go. Try not to go over the same area too much as this will cause the paper to start pilling.

You can also fill in backgrounds or larger areas by emptying the paint out onto a palette and using a paintbrush – just scribble onto a palette to get the paint out. Try not to add too much water or you will dilute the paint.

Clean lines. Masking tape is a good way to help you create clean, sharp lines and shapes – like geometric patterns or silhouettes. Simply tape off the area you want left unpainted, let it dry and then gently peel off. You can use washy tape or painters tape for this as well.

Stippling. Dab the nib lightly onto the page to create a series of dots. Push harder to create bigger dots. The further your separate your dots, the lighter the area will appear. This is fun technique to use for shading too as the more dots and the closer together they are, the more solid the area will become.

Let it drip. Hold your page upright, it may help to stick to an upright easel or tape it to a wall. Then pump the marker onto the page to get lots of lovely paint out and watch it drip down.

It might help to look at your reference as a series of block and shapes. Then you can use your paint pens to work in blocks of colour, letting it dry fully, then going back in adding in details. The final step being outlines and white highlights.

Layering. These pens are opaque, so you can go back over once dry to add details and outlines. Make sure the first layer is fully dry first other wise your paints will bleed into each othe


Artist Advice 

Bryanna Smith

Bryanna’s signature style is characterized by a playful cheerfulness, with a dash of cheekiness, all underscored by a vibrant palette of expressively contrasting colours. She primarily utilizes paint markers in her traditional work for the tactile experience of traditional painting and harnessing the energetic vibrancy of their hues. This same commitment to design and vibrancy seamlessly carries over into her digital creations, where her use of colour truly shines.

Behind The Artwork  

Paper Testing
When it comes to using paint pens, they are extremely forgiving that are perfect for beginners and people who like to paint, but don't want to the clean up after. 

It's always a good idea to test out your paper first because you will need something that is sturdy enough to hold up to the paint pens! I reccommend a mixed media paper for starters but try different things. You'll be suprised by the long list of things you will want to try on them. 

ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097
ScrawlrBox #097

ScrawlrBox #097

The 097 ScrawlrBox, was inspired by the work of our featured artist, Bryanna Smith. The wonderful artwork in this box was created as part of Bryanna’s collection of Arizona native birds, so we encourage you to take inspiration from your favourite animals, domestic or a bit further afield and go wild!  With the supplies provided, observe your four-legged or feathered friends and draw away. In this box you will find a full set of Frisk Paint Pens, Uni-Pin fine liner, Derwent Sketching Pencil (2B) and 10 sheets of Bristol Board.