Jackman's Pearlescent Watercolour Pot

Featured In / June 2021 ScrawlrBox

We realise you may have never seen or used products like this before so we have put together a few hints, tips and techniques to test out and get the best from these supplies.

These magical, sparkling, pearlescent watercolour pots have all the same high quality characteristics of professional grade watercolours with the addition of pearlescent particles, as an additional enchanting element. Once dry these particles reflect the light and makes your pigments sparkle, perfect for creating shimmering effects in your artwork. They are lightfast paints with a rich and vibrant pigment and can be activated with water and used in exactly the same way as any watercolour supply. They are also compatible to be mixed and combined with other water based paints/pencils to create personalised colour variations.

Things To Try...

~ When working with watercolour paints or pencils it’s always best to work light to dark and build up in multiple layers, as lighter colours painted over the top won’t be visible.

~ With watercolour pencils you can choose how much of the pencil stroke is visible in the end results just by adjusting the amount of water you add, which can introduce more texture into your paintings. 

~ You can use watercolour pencils in a few ways, the most common being drawing first and then adding water. However, you could also wet the tip of the pencil first and then draw which can create bolder lines, or pick colour off the tip with a brush and use like normal watercolours.

~ It’s always a good idea to mix watercolours in a palette before putting them to paper, or to swatch them out on a separate sheet first! This allows you to check how it will look when wet versus dry and see how they might blend. 

~ With shimmer colours, the more saturated they are the more shimmer you’ll see so bear that in mind for the final result! Also consider how they will look in different lights – in flat light they will look more matte but in direct sunlight they will glitter a lot more.

Notes From The Artist 

Tessa Harris

It can be easy to be overwhelmed when starting a painting, so I like to start with a few looser, more abstract elements to help ease me into it! If your vision for what you’re creating allows then this is a good way to overcome any fears of making a mistake.

 Sometimes the most unexpected colours mix really nicely, so it’s always worth experimenting! I never thought to mix a bright green and pink, but when I tried mixing the ones in this box I found they made an amazing shade of purple. 

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