Jackman’s Crystalline Watercolour Pigments

Featured In  #098 ScrawlrBox

We realise you may have never seen or used products like this before so we have put together a few hints, tips and techniques to test out and get the best from these supplies.

Jackman’s Art Materials are a UK based company established in 2019. Their mission is to create the purest watercolours possible, offering the best quality art materials for everyday artist. These pots are packed full of a unique and high quality pigment based crystalline painting medium.

Featuring a lightfast powder pigment that will mix with water to instantly create a bright and vibrant watercolour to paint with. They have a semi-transparent and matt finish.

Get creative and mix the powders to create new colours, or use on their own.

Watch The Tips & Tricks Video Here

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Things To Try...

A tiny bit goes a long way! These pigments pack a punch so you only need to mix a small amount.

If you’re not a fan of getting messy, its is advisable to wear old clothes, put on some gloves and lay down some scrap paper on your work surface before you start.

Always use a dry brush when removing pigment from the pot – a damp brush will result in your pigments activating when you don’t want them to.

Looks can be deceiving! As these pots are made up of their pigments, the colour you see won’t always be the colour your paint will be once activate

Activate. There are a number of ways to activate. For an even colour payoff, be sure to mix well until all the pigment is visibly blended.
1. Tap the pigment onto dry paper. Spray the page with some water and mix away.
2. Wet your page first using a paint brush, then tap the pigment onto the wet area and blend.
3. Grab a palette and tap some pigment onto one of the wells. Drop in some water and mix it up – just like traditional watercolours.

These pigments will activate to create some really colourful blooms. Wet your page and then sprinkle on some pigment to watch the magic happen

By alternating which colour you tap, you a can create a whole rainbow of colourful blooms to your page. The less water you add, the more intense the pattern.

It’s worth noting that if you attempt to layer a solid colour over the top, any pigment underneath will be activated. You can create some really nice colours by mixing the pigments with each other. Grab a palette and tap a tiny bit of each pigment of choice together, add water and mix away!

Intensity. You can build up the layers to create some really intense colours, and also create some really delicate shades too. The less pigment you add to the water, the lighter it will be.

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Artist Advice 

Emily Wassell

Just Start Painting!

 Especially anyone who’s a perfectionistor feels like they will never be good atpainting, it’s easy to keep putting it off. You learn by doing so just grab yourpaints and have a go. Remember too thatit’s just paper. If you hate the paintingwhen it’s done, you can throw it away andnobody will know! Take the pressure offand just have fun.

Behind The Artwork  

This piece was inspired by the atmospheric colours and pigments - the vibrant tones and contrast between thepurple and turquoise were perfect for the roses. And the dreamy, misty grey colour made for a beautiful background, perfect for autumn. The rich pigments create wonderful opportunities formisty bleeds and contrast, so I’ve allowed the leaves to blend into thebackground by using a thicker mixture of paint in those areas. Some of thepigments also have a salty effect which adds little touches of texture.It’s always fun to play around with new art supplies!

ScrawlrBox #098
ScrawlrBox #098
ScrawlrBox #098
ScrawlrBox #098
ScrawlrBox #098
ScrawlrBox #098
ScrawlrBox #098
ScrawlrBox #098
ScrawlrBox #098
ScrawlrBox #098
ScrawlrBox #098
ScrawlrBox #098

ScrawlrBox #098

With the #098 ScrawlrBox and our featured artist Emily Wassell, this is your chance to experiment with texture, movement and the spontaneity of watercolour. Emily’s style is the perfect inspiration for you to express yourself and get loose. In this box, you will find the Jackman’s watercolour pigments, 10 sheets of weighty paper, a flower palette, as well as the Derwent paint brush and spray bottle.