Our January '22 Top 3 ScrawlrChallenge Picks

January '22 ScrawlrChallenge: 'Electric Dreams'

The January 2022 box explored the art of creating characters and encouraged you to think not only about the visual features of a character but also the personality that they might exude. The box contained Pigment Deco Brush pens in a fiery palette, which were fantastic for bringing smooth and seamless colour to your designs. 

 Our featured artist, Roots, inspired us to create expressive characters that come to life on the page. All starting with an idea and developing into a unique personality with every added detail. The #ScrawlrChallenge ‘Creature Comforts’ inspired so many unique ideas. 

Here are our Top 3 for January

Instagram: doodl3mii

Isn’t this piece just stunning?! We love the alternative direction this piece took with the supplies, creating a completely different kind of creature! A great piece using only the pencil and one of the markers, the yellow really adds to this piece. Love it!

“Another January #scrawlrboxchallenge in what feels like my new favourite style for drawing faces! Feel free to draw this in your style! Tag me so I can see! #dtiys#dtiyschallenge Maybe one day I'll attempt portrait-work. For now, practice makes perfect 🤗 I have one more on the way, but do check out my previous post for more artwork in this style!”

Instagram: navehele

This character really made us smile. All the little details in this piece really brought us joy – the mark making for thesky is just amazing, great use of the pencil. The little spark on the end of the tail. The blending used in the bushes. Brilliant. 

“Creature Comforts theme I just had to draw my little shadow creatures! The decobrush pens were fun to play around with, they definitely blend better than posca pens.”

Instagram: daniladragon

Just look how cosy this creature is! We love the use of solid colours using the paint markers, the bold outline using the fineliner, oh and the blending in that scarf? Amazing. The idea of a dragon taking comfort from a warm cuppa makes us smile. Wonder what a dragons hot bevvy of choice is?

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