Our July '22 Top 3 ScrawlrChallenge Picks

July '22 ScrawlrChallenge: 'In Bloom'.

July’s ScrawlrBox In Bloom…. The versatile Magic Colour acrylic inks featured in the July ‘22 box really allowed you to get your creative juices flowing! This medium encouraged you to embody expressive, botanical creations as inspired by our featured artist, Christina Kwan.

 Taking inspiration from her work the #ScrawlrChallenge for this month was ‘In Bloom’. We invited you to experiment with opacity of the inks to see how they form entwining element, creating undefined shapes and organic forms. The variety of artwork created from this box was just magical, we (just about) narrowed it down to form our Top 3 artists of the month. 

Katie Brock
Instagram: katiebrockart

This delicate piece by Katie is just stunning. We are a big fan of the sketchy style with paint just softly added in for subtle colour. Just Beautiful!

"Magnolia Tree. I’ve had a lot of fun with the supplies this month trying different techniques!

 It always takes me a while to get the feel of new materials and I used up most of the supplied acrylic paper mark making trying to emulate the featured artist with little success.

It’s good to look back over this months work and see what a difference practice makes!"

Grace Skeates
Instagram: graceskeatesart

This super bright, happy sunny sunflower piece brought a smile to my face as soon as I saw it. Beautifully painted using the inks. 

"This box featured acrylic inks in 4 colours which I used for this piece.

They are very vibrant, have excellent flow and were super enjoyable to work with. This is painted onto the acrylic paper pad provided in the box, which creates an interesting vertical line texture through the artwork. It worked perfectly with these ink!”

Carmel Murphy
Instagram: xx__carmel

One thing we absolutely love about see your challenges is the variety of artworks it produces. And this one is no exception!

We absolutely adore the style of this portrait and take on this months prompt; the colours, the m#ScrawlrChallengeark making, the expression, the line work... it's a whole mood! Such a great take on the  for July '22

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Jul '22 ScrawlrBox
Jul '22 ScrawlrBox
Jul '22 ScrawlrBox
Jul '22 ScrawlrBox
Jul '22 ScrawlrBox
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Jul '22 ScrawlrBox
Jul '22 ScrawlrBox

Jul '22 ScrawlrBox

July’s ScrawlrBox In Bloom…. This box was all about experimenting with the opacity of the inks, forming entwining elements, and creating undefined botanical shapes and organic forms. The box contains a pack of four Magic Color Acrylic Inks, Marabu Graphix Fineliner Set, Synthetic Paint Brush Size 6 and a Custom A5 ScrawlrBox Acrylic Paper Pad. Take inspiration from our featured artist, Christina Kwan and see what you can create!