Marabu Markers: Alpha Robot Set

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We realise you may have never seen or used products like this before so we have put together a few hints, tips and techniques to test out and get the best from these supplies.

Marabu Graphix Sketch markers are filled with a top quality alcohol-based ink that is low-odour and rapid-drying. These markers are perfect for layering and will create fantastically intense colour depth the more layers you apply. These colours can also be mixed whilst the ink is still wet on your surface. These markers have dual Japanese tips, a fine 1mm brush nib at one end for precise control and crisp, fine detailing and a 7mm chisel tip at the other, great for covering large areas quickly. This pack includes 6 grey tones (3 cool and 3 warm) to experiment and create with.

Things To Try...

~ Get planning- A number one rule for markers is to swatch your colours before diving into a final piece. You’ll want to see which colours work well together and how the colours blend before starting, to avoid any mistakes down the line.

~ It’s also worth doing a bleed test when swatching your markers- draw a circle and colour it in to see how much the colour will bleed outside that circle. This will ensure a neater result in your creations.

~ Graphix Sketch Markers are fast-drying, however if you work quickly, the colours can be mixed and blended whilst they are still wet. Be sure to experiment with the colour gradients and fades that you can create.- When layering it is also best to start with the lighter colours first and build to darker (as lighter colours will not show up as well on top of darker tones).

~Alcohol markers a great for layering, so try working from background to foreground when placing your colours – that way you can build up intensity and depth as you move into the more details foreground features. This is great for adding depth to your piece by allowing other colours to pop out of the page.

~ These markers come with two tip types that will be great for different techniques in your artwork. The chisel nib is fantastic for filling in large blocks of colour, like background shades whilst the bullet nib is great for the finer details and lining.

~ For an even coverage make sure you move your markers slowly over the page. Moving too quickly will cause that undesirable streaky look to your drawings.- Another way to avoid unwanted streaks or marks is to move the pen in the direction your subject is.

~ Try using different stroke types throughout your drawing to create the illusion of texture and dimension.


Artist Advice 

Created By Imrie

The UK Illustration Championships

Towards the end of 2021 some of the best classical and digital artists gathered together to partake in the UK Illustration Championships. This is an annual event that brings many talented artists in a head-to-head competition with quick-fire 60 minute time slots, in which they are to create an illustration that takes inspiration from any given recent news headline.

The 2021 event was particularly exciting as not only was our founder Chris Lambert a member of the judging panel, but this month’s featured artist Created By Imrie walked away with the crowning digital title.

 The final saw a tense battle between @CreatedByImrie and @elliotfernandez_art, their pieces taking inspiration from the headline‘UK Tabloid Prints Front Page Apology to Megan Markle for Publishing Private Letter’. But it was Created By Imrie that came away with the win after a fantastic display artistry and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Want to find out more? Head on over to the Illustrated World Series website: or on

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