Our May '22 Top 3 ScrawlrChallenge Picks

May'22 ScrawlrChallenge: 'Flowing Figures'

With the handy and travel convenient Peerless Watercolour sheets included in the May 22 box, you could get creative wherever and whenever inspiration hit. The diverse and expressive nature of watercolour helped embody the whimsical and fantastical style of our featured artist, Arleesha Yetzer. 

Taking inspiration from her work and from our #ScrawlrChallenge ‘Flowing Figures’ we asked you to add an element of fantasy and surrealism into your artwork, capturing the charm of personality in your portraits whilst exploring the creativity of watercolour. Here are our Top 3 Scrawls for this month!

Sandrine Curtiss
Instagram: sandrinesgallery

Our first pick is this stunning and vivid portrait of Norwegian Singer, Aurura by Sandrine. We love the expression captured, how its realism style is enhanced by the brightness of the paints. Excellent work! You can watch Sandrine creating this piece on her YouTube Sandrines Gallery. 

“Being loose with the May Scrawlrbox. I love the colours of the Peerless watercolour sheets I just don't like the format. So messy!”

Yes, we admit, these paint sheets were quite messy, all part of the fun though right?! 

Shayla Martin
Instagram: shaylashiki

Who said a portrait needs to be created using realistic colours?! We love everything about this piece, including the dream like clouds in the background. This almost ethereal portrait really embraces the bright pigments of the peerless paints. Amazing work!

Breanna Webb
Instagram: _breanna.dee_

Seeing everyones interpretations of the prompts is always so much fun. We love this take, opting to form a more muted colour palette with the paint sheets. These colours work together perfectly to create a ✨ mood ✨.

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