Our November '22 Top 3 ScrawlrChallenge Picks

November  '22 ScrawlrChallenge: 'Leading Light'

This box was packed with everything needed for experimenting with tonal values, building layers of shading and mark marking using graphite and pastel.

The ScrawlrChallenge was ‘Leading Light’ ; We encouraged you to take a closer look in order to capture the delicate balance of light and dark in your creations and see what mood and movement you can create. We absolutely loved seeing all your creations!

Here are our Top 3 for November

Zoe Hart
Instagram: zoehartist

Iron man is that you?!

We absolutely love these ScrawlrChallenges from Zoe. Capturing the way someone looks can be really difficult, especially a famous person, but Zoe has made this look like a breeze, using the November supplies. All of the shadows, highlights and marks have been placed perfectly to create these masterpieces. Great job Zoe! 

You can watch these being created in action via Zoe's YoutTube, search: zoehartist 

Lucy Locks Art
Instagrsam: LucyLocksArt

Just look how cute! We love this adorable pet portrait from Lucy. Not only has she nailed those tonal values and shading, she has captured all the tiny details of fur and hair. Stunning work. 

“An ode to our late Springer Spaniel. These supplies were a surprise for me. I thought (wrongly) that I would hate them. Turns out they were right up my street. I treated them like my inkings which worked quite well I’d say!”

Instagram: anitka_draws

We are lost for words! Shading. Blending. Highlights. Details. This dark take on Novembers’s ‘Leading Light’ ScrawlrChallenge by Anita is simply superb.

“Really loved using graphite and chalk again and made me miss my first few semesters at uni, where we used these to draw life objects! This was also my first idea, to draw a figure, but went with my more comfort option: a “portrait”. Gonna try this again with a full body and using this months prompt “Leading Light”!"

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