Our October '22 Top 3 ScrawlrChallenge Picks

October '22 ScrawlrChallenge: 'Things With Wings'

These pretty pastel paint pens provided a lighter toned palette for all your Things With Wings creations! As our featured artist advised, “Get weird with it! Pick a couple colours and paint something that isn’t normally those colours.”

We encouraged you to take flight with your imagination by scrawling all creatures great and small. This box was the ideal time to practice your composition and proportion, embrace the colour palette, allow yourself to think outside the box... Or on the box as the case may be...As the supplies allowed for all types of canvases.

Here are our Top 3 for October

Bryn Phillips Nguyen
Instagram: whymsicaljourneys

Isn’t this piece just stunning?! We love how gentle and soft these usually opaque pens look in this picture, really portraying those fairy vibes.

the subtle little touches of paint splashes that finish this creations with a touch of magic. Beautiful. 

The Paralysis of Analysis
Instagram: The Paralysis of Analysis

Another great entry for the 'Things With Wings' ScrawlrChallenge! Lovely use of blending in the wings.

"Not quite my favourite materials this month, but I had fun trying them out and they will be brilliant for those odd out of the box projects as well as cards!"

Instagram: geekyrouze

We love it when someone enjoys the supplies so much we keep seeing their creations pop up on our feed! This is just one of the lovely creations made by geekyrouze with the October supplies. 

We love how this peacock is made up of all different techniques, the mark making and wet-on-wet creating some really lovely texture and visual interest.

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