Pilot Pintor Markers in Neon

Featured In / June '22 ScrawlrBox

We realise you may have never seen or used products like this before so we have put together a few hints, tips and techniques to test out and get the best from these supplies.

Explore your wildest colour-filled dreams with these bold and vibrant paint markers. These wonderfully vivid markers feature a short hexagonal barrel which makes them easier to grip and hold for extended use. The water-based pigment ink is ultra-resistant and opaque and it will dry quickly ensuring you won’t smudge any of your creative designs.

 The ink will also dry permanent so once dry you can layer colours to your heart’s content! The markers are equipped with super-strong nibs that won’t disintegrate under pressure, making them ideal for use on all kinds of rough surfaces and these versatile pens are not limited to just paper - they can be used on a variety of different surfaces including wood, paper, cardboard, fabrics, plastic, glass, metal and more! These brilliant and expressive markers will be the perfect tool to start your neon coloured journey. 

Things To Try...

~ Get things started by prepping your markers! To do this, firmly shake your markers about 20 times (you will hear the ball moving inside the barrel, mixing the pigment). Then remove the cap and gently pump the nib on a scrap piece of paper, until the ink starts to flow seamlessly. ~ These steps may need to be repeated if your ink stops flowing smoothly or after storing for long periods of time.

~ To keep your pens working well, they are best stored horizontally with the tip pointing upwards.

~ These pens contain a pigment-rich water-based ink that can be used on virtually any surface, paper, wood, ceramic, plastic, metal even fabric. These vibrant pens will show on even the darkest of surfaces. So you don’t just have to limit your creativity to paper. Why not try out these pens on other objects… Just be sure to get permission before you start drawing all over the walls or furniture!

~ Avoid streaks by working in smaller sections. If you find the paint starts to dry out keep pumping that nib to make sure it stays juicy. 

~ Keep those edges bold! To prevent your colours running into each other/bleeding, make sure the colour underneath or next to it has 100% dried. You can tell once the paint is dry as it will turn completely matt. 

~ Get blending! You can blend the colours into each other to create a gradient:
. Lay down your first colour, and while it’s still wet lay your second colour next to it.
. Using small strokes, bring the lighter colour over the darker one to create the transition.

~ Mix it up! Grab a palette and a brush to get mixing! These pens are water based so you can mix them together to experiment with new colours and tones. ~ scribble the colours you want to mix onto a palette, then blend with a wet brush.

~  Get creative with the neon colour palette! Don’t be restricted by realism and explore how different colours can enhance your artwork. Remember that the colours themselves can tell a story, so if you want something to stand out a dynamic pop of neon can help capture the attention to the subject of your image.

~ Line work- Pintor Marker pens are permanent when dry, so you can use the Micron fineliner on top of them to create outlines or mark making for visual interest.

~ The Micron should glide across the paper surface for crisp, clean lines. To keep your pen working at its best, try to draw using shorter linework so that the nib lasts longer.

Artist Advice 

Renata Paton 

When working with paint pens, you have to keep in mind that their felt tips can easily degrade the fibres of the paper if you’re not careful. Keeping that in mind, I have a few tips for all you artists out there:

Shake your pens well! The ball in the pen mixes the paint that’s been sitting dormant, so give your Pintor's a good shake. Pump and test it on scrap paper before you use it on your art, to make sure the colour is mixed well and opaque.

Do not over-saturate your paper. This is the number one way to tear your page; do one light, even coat of paint, and if you need to do another coat, or cover one colour with another, wait for your first coat to completely dry before doing so.

If your page pills slightly, leave it be! Usually once it fully dries, you can flick those little balls away and pretend like nothing happened.

 Beyond that, just have fun! Paint pens are so delightfully vibrant, and layer like a dream; with a bit of practice, I’m sure you’ll love them as much as I do!


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