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POSCA Paint Pens

Featured In  #105 ScrawlrBox

We realise you may have never seen or used products like this before so we have put together a few hints and tips and techniques to test out and get the best from these supplies. 

Uni POSCA Paint Pen, 3M x 5
(Red Wine, Ivory, Dark Brown, Navy Blue, Black)

The most requested supply is back… The one and only POSCA and there are five of them to play with! These markers feature a brilliant, high quality, lightfast and water-resistant pigment paint. They deliver a bright, matt opaque finish that is also buildable. These two 3M markers have a slightly smaller nib size which makes them perfect for outlining, highlighting and all of the finer detailing in your designs. With the bullet nibs and thin barrels these pens will provide perfect agility and finesse to your designs. Once activated they guide across almost any surface so you can take hour creations outside of the box!

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Top Tip From Chris
ScrawlrBox Founder

Think Outside The Box

These pens can scrawl across pretty much any surface. Walls, furniture, wood, A ScrawlrBox, glass, plastic… the possibilities are pretty much endless. Disclaimer Ask permission before drawing on random objects, especially if they don’t belong to you.

Top Tip From Kat
ScrawlrBox Creative Designer

Background Work

These nibs are on the smaller end of what POSCA have to offer, however don’t let that stop you spreading that paint far and wide! Scribble onto the page, grab a spare bit of cardboard or an old plastic card, and use that to swipe the paint across the page. You are left with a textured finish.


Artist Advice 

Featured Artist, 105 ScrawlrBox

Reuse and Recycle

For the Challenge it would be great to expand on what is available in the box. Do something using salvaged cardboard. You could try and incorporate stamps andmarkings that appear on the cardboard into your artwork.

I sometimes like to take cereal boxes and doodle over the top of themso you can give the characters crazy eyes or draw a monster in the cereal bowl. 

ScrawlrBox #105
ScrawlrBox #105
ScrawlrBox #105
ScrawlrBox #105
ScrawlrBox #105
ScrawlrBox #105
ScrawlrBox #105
ScrawlrBox #105

ScrawlrBox #105


Scrawlrs! this months challenge went slightly off-kilter, as inspired by our featured artist, KORP. We encouraged you to embrace the wild, weird and wonderful inside you to In-korp-orate your personality traits into a kooky cartoon version of yourself. Supplies include; 5x Uni POSCA paint pens, a Cool Grey Windsor and Newton Promarker and a pack of Smooth White Card Sheets.