Sennelier Abstract Matt Soft Body Acrylic

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We realise you may have never seen or used products like this before so we have put together a few hints, tips and techniques to test out and get the best from these supplies.

Sennelier Abstract is a high-quality fine acrylic paint, packaged in a flexible pouch. The flexible air-tight pouches can be firmly resealed with the nozzle, which means paint stays wet and workable so that nothing goes to waste. These pigmented, soft body acrylics come in a unique pouch that's not only economical but doubles as a painting tool. You can squeeze paint directly onto canvas, paper, and any other suitable surface. The paints offer great coverage and luminous transparency. The ultra-matte, soft body colours have a fluid consistency for maximum coverage and they're super opaque, with a velvety, elastic finish

Things To Try...

~ Acrylic paint is very versatile. It is fast-drying and will not reactivate once dry, so you can layer colours easily. Just make sure the first layer is completely dry before you start with another colour.

~ Because of its fast drying qualities, you may find that the paint can start drying out on your palette before you have had a chance to use it! To avoid this, make sure you work with small amounts of paint at a time and keep adding very small amounts of water to keep the paint workable.

~ Be sure to make a colour chart before you start a project. These paints are fully mixable so test out all of the colour and shade variants you can create. This will also be a good indication of how the colours will look when dry. Acrylics tend to dry a little darker than when first applied.

~ Your paint brush will deteriorate fast if you don’t properly clean it between use. Be sure to wash it thoroughly when you have finished painting and store your paint brush facing up – bristles can become splayed and bent if they are stored facing down.

~ Blending acrylic colours may be trickier than blending watercolour or oil, as it does dry faster. Make sure you blend in small sections and keep the paint wet. You can even use a little water on your paper. This will help keep the colours blend-able for longer.

Notes From The Artist

Julien Raynaud

If you wish to have colours that are as opaque as possible to make beautiful flat tints, take a dark colour and lighten it with white which will make it more opaque.

If you want to paint a geometric shape in gradients or solid without being afraid to over paint, do not hesitate to use masking tapes. 

If you wish to have more time to work on an area you can mix your acrylic with a drying retarder. It contains a retarder intended to prolong the work by increasing the drying time and facilitating the mixing of paints and mediums. Transparent when dry.

On the contrary, when I want my paint to dry faster I use a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

Acrylic ink can be used in different ways such as with an Airbrush, depending on the nozzle size you use you don’t even need to dilute it.

As featured in the February 2020 ScrawlrBox

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