Our September '22 Top 3 ScrawlrChallenge Picks

September '22 ScrawlrChallenge: 'Fascinating Folklore'

Curiouser and curiouser…This months box is inspired by our featured artist’s Balkan inspired illustrations. From folklore tales to unique customs, we encourage you to take a deep dive into exploring the celebrated, bizarre, and sometimes dark, traditions of your heritage. Play around with composition, patterns and mix up your mark making to tell your tales in your creations.

Here are our Top 3 for September

Instagram: clo_flo_arts

This stag piece is beautiful, his decorated antlers make him look like he is part of the forest. We love how the supplies have been used to make them look almost watercolour! In Celtic Folklore, there is a deity called Cernunnos ‘The Horned One’. He is widely worshipped as the ‘Lord of Wild Things’ and he wore stag antlers and was often seen accompanied by a stag.

"Well worth the wait. The art supplies in the September box are wonderful! Had a lot of fun making this one. Deer or Stags always have a folklore vibe to me."

Julia Llama Bażańska
Instagram: juliabazanska

We absolutely love this piece by Julia. The attention to detail and layering of the colours to get the brightness as well as watered down for the skin tones and hair is just amazing Really love the character that been captured in the facial expression too, we don’t know who they are but they look like they’e having a great time.

“I opened the ScrawlrBox that had recently arrived and got playing with the Pitt markers from Faber Casrtell. I have an extensive collection of the Pitt brush pens, but I’d never used the dual markers. They’re fun, you can dilute the inks with water, you can use them straight, I might have to invest in a bigger range of colours.Oh and the prompt for the ScrawlrChallenge this month is “Fascinating Folklore” so I went with some Masovian vibes.”

Annie Claxton
Instagram: annie.claxton

One of our favourite things about setting these challenges is seeing all the variety of outcomes, and sometimes an absolute wild card is thrown in! Annies take on the September Box is something we have never seen before! Using the actual box to create a 3D scene for Punch and Judy… pure genius! We can tell a lot of fun was had making this one. Everything about this makes us smile; the expressions, the details, the watercolour effect of the supplies. Just, yes. Amazing.

"September Scrawlr Challenge - "Fascinating Folklore" - I went with Punch and Judy and used four sheets of the paper AND the actual box to make a little 3D scene.”

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