Wolffs Graphite Sketching Set

Featured In  #094 ScrawlrBox

We realise you may have never seen or used products like this before so we have put together a few hints, tips and techniques to test out and get the best from these supplies.

Wolff’s pencils were established in 1796 and their pencils are known for their smoothness and consistency. This nifty Sketch Set comes complete with a neat storage tin and has everything you need to get scrawling! Ideal for beginners and those wanting to expand their graphite pencil collection. Featuring 6 graphite pencils in grades HB, B, 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B for precise line work, rough sketching and shading. The carbon stick is perfect for adding larger sweeps of shading and expressive strokes. Also included is a single hole metal sharpener and a soft eraser.

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Things To Try...

Blending. It’s best to use a cotton bud or some tissue to blend out your graphite- this way the oils in your hands won’t effect the finish of the graphite. Try not to over-blend as too much will make your drawing look blurry.

Light Layers.
Work in light layers and build it up – graphite can be erased but the darker the graphite the harder it is to completely erase.

Prevent Smudging.
Keep your delicate details intact by using a spare piece of paper for your hand to rest on. Bonus tip- use tracing paper so you can still see through to your drawing!

Express Yourself!  T
he carbon block is great for filling out larger areas and adding in expressive marks. Switch up the angle you hold it to play about with different shapes and sweeps of tone.You can layer the gold over the graphite, even when burnished! And vice versa, so you can create some really nice visual interest with layers and marking combining both.

Plan Ahead 
Map in your lights and darks so you can see where your shadow and highlights are positioned.

Transfer it.
Once you are happy with how it looks, you can use the transfer paper to trace your final sketch onto a new piece of paper. This way you are left with neat, accurate lines to work from.

Generally, graphite pencils are classified as either Soft Black (B), Hard (H), Hard Black (HB) and Firm (F). This is then further graded by numbers, the higher the number the higher the intensity.The pencils in this kit come in a variety of grades, all of which have a preferred use: HB, B and 2B are great for the first stages of sketching, HB being a decent hardness for precise, intentional lines. 4B, 6B and 8B are well suited building up layers of shading and tone as they tend to be softer but darker in finish.

Sketch it out!
Use a separate piece of paper to start your sketch and take your time getting it right.If accuracy is your aim, try flipping your reference upside down so you are drawing upside down. This way you are drawing the shapes you see as opposed to drawing what your brain thinks the subject should look like.

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Artist Advice 

Iskra Sale

When working with pencils, everything matters – you need to be very focussed and concentrate on the angle that you hold the pencil so that it does not break repeatedly. I work with 0.3 and 0.2 leads with mechanical pencils for detail. Being focused is very important.It is also a good idea to have a glove on the hand you are using because it protects the drawing well and preserves the delicate texture. If you cannot get used to a glove, always protect your drawing with tracing paper that does not absorb and smear the graphite.Take your time, quality is always more important than quantity.


Behind The Artwork  

 ‘Timeless’ is a piece I drew at a turning point in my life and is part of ‘The Garden in Me’ collection.

When the whole world stopped in 2020, I started creating in my rose garden. Working with the earth and my hands, planting dozens of roses, sitting in silenceand watching this old garden that no one had taken care of for a long time, how it changes, is reborn and life returns to it. 

The pleasant feeling of tiredness and soil on my hands turned into this drawing.I drew ‘Timeless’ in my garden at the end of the summer, and it always reminds me how beautiful and simple life is.

ScrawlrBox #094
ScrawlrBox #094
ScrawlrBox #094
ScrawlrBox #094
ScrawlrBox #094
ScrawlrBox #094
ScrawlrBox #094
ScrawlrBox #094
ScrawlrBox #094
ScrawlrBox #094

ScrawlrBox #094

Scrawlrbox #094 made us wonder if the Midas touch was actually a curse rather than a blessing. The featured artist of this box is Iskra Sale, whose art caught our eye for it’s ethereally breathtaking artwork. Her piece “The Garden in Me” inspired this box. The box contains Wolff’s pencil set which included a carbon block, reusable Tracedown paper, a white graphite pencil, drawing paper and a gold Pilot marker.