Your Artblock Tips

We asked you, our dear Scrawlrs, have you ever suffered from the dreaded artblock?! And, pretty much all of you said yes.... 92% to be precise! So, here the top 3 of  great tips, as advised by you.  

Take A Break.
The most common answer from you all was to take a break, step back from creating and let creativity find its way back to you. 

Take time out to do other hobbies, or even just taking a walk can help clear the mind. No need to set a time limit either - if you need a day, a week or even a month, allow yourself this time to recharge. Sometimes creative people just need to do nothing for a while. 

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Doodle Without Expectation or a Comfort Subject

Just lifting pen or paint to paper and seeing what your mind allows you to do! Doodle, splat, splurge, make lines make dots make alllll the marks! It can be incredibly relaxing, and you never know you might have a "Happy Accident" that ignites the ideas flowing again.

Sometimes, the pressure of creating can come from social media, and the expectation to create something just to post something ( I feel that). Take a break from social media, allow yourself to create for fun again. Be kind to yourself. 

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Try Something new

It could be a new supply or new art challenge, or even a new creative outlet altogether! For example, some of you picked up photography.

The idea is all the same: stop forcing yourself to create and start to have some fun again. 

A tip we really liked was 'shopping' your old supplies you haven't picked up in a while. Sometimes an extra stress factor added in is lack of funds, so buying new supplies might not be an option. No money needed  for this! Just fresh perspective with your new but old supplies might get those creative sparks flying! Excellent. 

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And there we have it, some top tips from our Scrawlr Community on how to beat the art block. 

Side Note - We have kept the submissions anonymous as we collected your answers via Instagram. If you would like your name uncensored let us know!

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