• ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box
  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box
  • ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box

ScrawlrBox Subscription

*Automatic Renewal Every Month
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Subscribe and you will be sent a mystery box full of premium art supplies every month.

Each ScrawlrBox contains everything you need to create your artwork; New mystery art supplies each month, a featured artist print, ScrawlrSticker, a magazine packed with information and tips to help you get started, plus a challenge prompt to focus your inspiration.

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What do you get in the box?

Each box is filled with a selection of mystery art supplies, plus a surface on which to create your artwork. There is also an featured artists print and a list of the supplies. Each month we also include a collectable sticker and a sweet treat. Yum!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2385 reviews
Beth Duncan

I enjoyed the quality of the Faber-Castell pencils and the challenge of creating with the limited pallet and brown paper

Sadie Dolan
Love it

I got my first one as the discounted 5$ one as i cant afford a subscription as im in america so it becomes close to 30$ for me which is sad but honestly from the 5$ box (13$ usd after shipping) id say theyd be worth the 30$. Is there cheaper boxes sure, are there boxes for the same usd price with more ? Yes! But ive tried a 30$ art box that came with way more and tbh. It was art supplies i touched maybe once or twice and havent seen since. As im more a marker, color pencil, and pencil user. So id rather get less of stuff i wont use than a BUNCH of stuff i dont even use ever.

Sarah G

Love the mystery of what supplies you are going to get to play with! It’s nice to be challenged and I’ve enjoyed getting to know the different media I wouldn’t otherwise buy.

Kaitlyn Lewis

Excited to get come Posca Markers to try out before spending an arm and a leg buying a set.

Carolyn Yang

Nice selection of supplies!


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