May 4, 2017

ScrawlrBox #19 – March 2017

image by: art.melody

Featured Artist: David Ambarzumjan

David Ambarzumjan is an eighteen-year-old Armenian living in Germany. His work is inspired by nature and the cosmos. He uses a wide range of mediums but has recently become interested in soft pastels as a medium to create night skies and imaginary landscapes. You can follow his process on his Instagram account where he also posts time-lapse videos of his pastel artworks.

Instagram: @david_art

Challenge: Cosmic Landscape

This month we’re providing you with the tools to experiment with pastels. Pastel sticks for larger areas of colour and pencils for the finer detailed areas of your work. A limited range of supplies to choose from, but a selection of colours to lay down, blend and smudge across the paper to help visualise your next hit of inspiration.



What was in the box?


Rembrandt Soft Pastel –

High quality artist pastels, with the perfect balance of usability and professional results. For a soft pastel they are surprisingly firm and dry, which gives you a much greater degree of control, and once applied they blend fully. They are made with a high concentration of pure pigment, making them highly lightfast. The intense pigment is bound with kaolin clay and the two blended ensure consistent brilliant colours and an even coverage.

Derwent Pastel Pencil –

Although beautiful, pastels are not always the cleanest medium to use. With Derwent’s pastel pencil you can enjoy the beauty of a pastel, without the mess! They have a soft, powdery texture which produces a smooth finish. Being a pencil makes the pastel much easier to control and apply any small detail with precision. A medium pastel with a chalky feel, but also able to achieve a fine point.

Derwent Pastel Pencil Sharpener –

Not just any pencil sharpener! This was designed specifically for use with Derwent pastel pencils. The shorter barrel helps prevent pencil points breaking to keep your supplies in tip top condition.

Fabriano Tiziano Pastel Paper –

You can see and feel the difference as you use this 160gsm paper. The pastel pigment grips the textured surface of this specialist paper. It’s made with 40% cotton and is acid-free making it of archival quality.